Product Warranty

Warranty period


Every product of Daniel Daniel Office enjoys a one-year warranty period. The product must enjoy a one-year warranty under non-artificial damage. The warranty period is effective from the date of purchase. When the original purchaser resells or transfers the product, it is the end of the warranty period. When the customer needs the warranty service, please show the original purchase invoice for the warranty service to take effect.

How does Daniel Daniel Office provide you with quality assurance services?

In the northern region, we will assign someone to inspect your product, and after inspection, we will determine whether it meets the conditions of the product warranty. If it meets the product warranty conditions, we will decide to repair the product for you or replace it with a product of the same or same grade.

Please take photos of your faulty products in areas except the north. E-mail: or Line to us, let us know the problem with your product, and we will send accessories to guide replacement or return for repair to get the best service . If the product does not meet the warranty conditions, you will still be handed over to the Daniel Daniel Office repairer, and we will charge you the necessary fees for repairs and parts.

The product warranty does not apply to

Once the original product parts are replaced, the ownership of the original product parts shall remain with Daniel Daniel Office. If Daniel Daniel Office no longer sells the product, we will provide a suitable replacement product for you to replace it; if the price of the replacement product is higher, the difference must be made up.

The service work of the product warranty is limited to operations on the main island of Taiwan (outer islands are not covered by the warranty). If the new product that has been replaced is a warranty product, the warranty period it enjoys will be calculated based on the purchase date of the original product.

Daniel Daniel Office reserves the right to decide whether to replace or replace the product category.

Under what conditions are the products not covered by the warranty?

  • Product warranty does not apply to defects caused by improper storage, incorrect installation, incorrect use, self-modification of structure, and improper use of cleaning methods or supplies.
  • The product warranty does not apply to damage caused by normal wear and tear, cuts or scratches, impact or accidents.
  • If the product is placed outdoors or in a humid environment such as a bathroom, this product warranty is not applicable.
  • The product warranty does not apply to damage caused by natural disasters or accidents.
  • The product warranty does not apply to damage caused by dismantling, cutting, moving or repairing the product by yourself.
  • The quality guarantee only covers the original purchaser, and the rights and interests are not transferable.
  • Daniel Daniel Office reserves the right to amend this quality assurance terms and conditions.
  • Other faults or damages attributable to the purchaser.