CINNAMON-Office coffee Table Of-723

◆Classic coffee table with geometry and practical design
◆ It can be used in the indoor, living room, drawing room, office, restaurant, lounge, cafe
◆ Guaranteed to be made in UAE, with high quality
◆ High Executive collection chair five-star

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Product specifications 
Item Model Number: Of-723
Name: CINNAMON-Office coffee Table Of-723
Size:  W1200×D600×H450 mm
Size2:W600×D600×H450 mm
Table Surface: Wooden top
Bottom: Wooden frame
Function: Coffee table with charm
Featuring: Easy using
Room Type: Office, living room, coffee shop, apartment, indoor
Color: Catalog color


Product feature description

Introducing for you the CINNAMON-Office coffee Table Of-723

  • Having a conversation over a cup of coffee is a good way to connect with your close
    ones, and if such conversations are done around a subtle coffee table, then it is bound to create an amazing experience. Decoration brings to you beautifully crafted coffee
    tables that add an element of elegance to your office. These tables get a unique design that is a perfect combination of functionality and aesthetics.

  • The durable and lightweight material is easy to handle and its compact dimensions
    take up a small space in your office. This table is ideal for keeping a stack of
    magazines or even a kettle along with cups and snacks for your guests.

  • After that, if you have any questions about the quality of the product, please feel free
    to contact Daniel Office. We will reply to your message within 24 hours.
  • The new and old screens and the brand will affect the displayed color, and there will
    inevitably be some slight color difference or cognitive difference. Consequently, please refer to the actual product for the color.
  • It is guaranteed to be made in UAE, and then it is of high quality, and to be cheaper
    than others.
  • Delivery is available in the Dubai area, some areas need to pay extra freight, please
    contact customer service staff for details.
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Product Dimensions

W120*D60*H45 cm, W60*D60*H45 cm