Regarding the protection of personal data, please refer to the privacy statement of Daniel Office


Daniel Office is operated by “New Era Office Furniture Co., Ltd.”; in order to support the protection of personal data and maintain personal privacy, Daniel Office hereby states the following statement to explain to you the purpose, category, scope of use and methods of personal data collected by Daniel Office , And the rights you have exercised and other matters;

If you have any questions about the privacy statement of Daniel Office, the following related notices, or related matters related to personal data protection, you can contact the Daniel Office Service Center, and Daniel Office will reply to the explanation as soon as possible.

Scope of application

The Daniel Office privacy statement and the notices contained therein only apply to websites owned and operated by Daniel Office. The Daniel Office website may contain many links or services provided by other partners. For the privacy statements of these linked websites or partner websites and the notices related to the protection of personal data, please refer to each linked website or partner website.

Purpose and categories of personal data collection

Daniel Office is for marketing, customer management and services, providing online shopping and other e-commerce services, fulfilling statutory or contractual obligations, protecting the rights and interests of parties and related stakeholders, after-sales services, and operating business registration items or articles of association According to the nature of the service, your name, contact method (including but not limited to telephone, E-MAIL and address, etc.), service unit, job title, and information required to complete collection or payment may be collected for the business and other purposes specified. Data, IP address, and other personal data that can directly or indirectly identify the user.

In addition, in order to improve the quality of service, Daniel Office will record the user’s IP address and browsing activities on Daniel Office related websites (for example, the software and hardware used by the user, the selected Website) and other data, but these data are only used for traffic analysis and Internet behavior surveys, in order to improve the service quality of Daniel Office related websites. These data are only a total analysis and will not be connected to specific individuals.

Use of personal information

The personal data collected by Daniel Office that is sufficient to identify the user is only processed and used by Daniel Office in accordance with the purpose of the collection, unless specified in advance, or necessary to complete the provision of services or perform contractual obligations, or in accordance with Relevant laws and regulations or orders or requirements of competent authorities, otherwise Daniel Office will not provide personal data sufficient to identify users to third parties (including domestic and overseas) or use them for purposes other than collection.

During the validity period of the contract, and within the period of time stipulated by the law, Daniel Office will continue to keep, process and use relevant data.

Data security

Daniel Office will maintain the security of personal data with reasonable technology and procedures that meet industry standards.

Data subject’s rights

The data subject can request to inquire about, read my personal data or request a copy, but Daniel Office may charge necessary costs and fees at its discretion. If your personal information is changed, or if your personal information is found to be incorrect, you can request modification or correction from the Daniel Office. When the purpose of collecting personal data disappears or the time limit expires, you can request to delete, stop processing or use personal data. However, those who are required by Daniel Office to perform duties or business are not limited to this.


For the convenience of users, the Daniel Office website may use cookie technology to provide services that are more suitable for users’ personal needs; cookie is a technology used by the website server to communicate with the user’s browser, which may be on the user’s computer Some information is stored in the, the Daniel Office website will also read the cookie data stored on the user’s computer. Users can cancel or restrict this function through browser settings, but some website functions may not be available for this reason. If you want to know how to cancel or restrict this function, please contact the Daniel Office Service Center.


According to the nature of each service, in order to provide related services smoothly, or to enable related transactions to be completed or fulfilled smoothly, if you are unwilling to provide the relevant personal data required by each service or exchange to Daniel Office, and agree to Daniel Office Regarding such personal data as required by laws and regulations, as well as this privacy statement and related notices regarding the collection, processing, utilization and international transmission of personal data, Daniel Office will respect your decision, but in accordance with the nature or conditions of each service , You may not be able to use these services or complete related transactions. Daniel Office reserves the right to agree to provide such related services or complete related transactions.

Right to amend

Daniel Office has the right to revise this privacy statement and related notices at any time, and may publish it in an appropriate place on the Daniel Office website after the revision, without separate notice, you can read the revised privacy right on the Daniel Office website at any time Statement and related notification matters.